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Automation desperately needed for TB labs

Automated processing of sputum to concentrate TB is urgently needed as the concentration of TB from sputum before microscopy can significantly improve case finding. This concentration of TB can be achieved by centrifugation or by magnetic separation by magnetic TB-Beads (please visit our publications in the Product Resource tab). The advantages of TB-Beads, are safety, […]

Sticking to glass slides

TB-Beads can significantly improve case finding for the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB). The beads enable the rapid and simple extraction of TB directly from thinned sputum using magnetic beads. The TB beads are highly efficient enabling more than 95% of the TB to be extracted and concentrated into a small volume which results in a […]

From Mad Cows to Cancer

Early in this new millennium, Mad Cow Disease was set to devastate the UK with contaminated meat from infected cows entering the human food chain and causing significant risk to the UK population. At the peak of the epidemic, nearly 200,000 cows were diagnosed with the disease. At the time, it was unknown how […]