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Microsens has developed unique low-cost pathogen extraction technologies

With more than fifteen years of experience in addressing unmet needs in diagnostic markets, Microsens has developed low cost, easy to use, and easily automatable extraction technologies for the extraction of pathogens such as Neisseria, Chlamydia, C.diff, MRSA, TB etc and/or pathogen nucleic acids from the widest range of samples. In addition, Microsens has sold millions of extraction kits for the commercial detection of protein aggregation diseases and is now making this technology accessible to the research community.

RapiPREP magnetic beads for:

Extraction of bacteria (Chlamydia, Neisseria, MRSA, TB etc…) and viruses and/or nucleic acids from swabs, urine, faeces, sputum etc.

  • Low cost, simple extraction of bacteria and viruses (RapiPREP-Micro)
  • Low cost, simple extraction of PCR-ready nucleic acids (RapiPREP-NA)
  • Low cost, simple extraction of tuberculosis from sputum (RapiPREP-TB)

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Seprion magnetic beads and ELISA for:

Research into protein aggregation diseases¬†(Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and many others…)

  • Research into protein aggregation diseases
  • Research into cancer
  • Monitoring of aggregates in biotherapeutic proteins eg monoclonals

Click the link for the Seprion flyer


An introduction to Seprion

MicrosensThe Seprion range of products detects aggregated proteins. Our products monitor the aggregation state of proteins associated with disease or manufactured therapeutic proteins. Read More…


virusesRapiPREP is a flexible approach which extracts pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, and/or nucleic acids from multiple sample types. Read More…